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Cometeer Referral Bonus

Cometeer Promo Updated February 2023

$25 off your first cometeer order:

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Cometeer Promo Code

You can save $25 off your first order of the world’s most exciting coffee. While there is no promo code, clicking this referral link will give you a $25 discount on your first order of pods — huge savings off the retail price! Make sure you click through the link to apply the Cometeer discount.

What is Cometeer?

Cometeer is flash-frozen coffee, delivered to your home in aluminum pods. Think the convenience of K-Cups with the taste of your favorite craft roastery. Cometeer brews some of America’s best coffee, freezes it at -321 degrees Fahrenheit, and ships it to you overnight.

How does Cometeer work?

How does Cometeer’s referral program work?

Get free Cometeer coffee when you invite your friends. Cometeer is offering a $25 bonus for each new user you refer to the coffee service. To find your referral code, visit or click the yellow ‘Give $25, Get $25’ button at the top of your account page. Find your Cometeer promo code or link and share it with your friends. Each new user you refer will get $25 off their first order, and you’ll get $25 off your next! But be aware: These referral bonuses do not stack, so you’ll never be able to get more than $25 off an individual order. Cometeer also offers some bonus gifts when you hit referral thresholds. For your first successful referral, you’ll earn the Comteer x Fellow Carter Tumbler, a very sleek double-wall travel mug. And after five successful referrals, you’ll get the Cometeer x Corvo EKG Electric Kettle and Fellow Stagg Glasses — an awesome prize!

New Cometeer Referral Bonuses

Cometeer just added some new referral bonuses, including a Yeti Hopper Backflip cooler!

Have you tried Comteer coffee?

What’s your favorite variety? Favorite method of serving? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. So glad I tried Cometeer. It’s my new go-to when traveling. I stayed for a month at an Airbnb this summer and timed my order so that my Cometeer pods were waiting on the doorstep when I arrived. Delicious coffee for the whole trip! Thanks for the referral link.

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