Ibotta Referral Code Updated
June 2021

Get $10 instantly with code:

Updated June 2021: Ibotta referral code KEEFTEQ gives you $10 in cash back after you redeem your first offer in the app. Paste the code in the app, or click here to sign up online.

Ibotta is one of the best and highest-paying cash back apps on the market. By using the Ibotta app for your online and in-person shopping, you can easily save more than $20 per week on the purchases you’re already making. Just take a peek at the weekly offers, and you’ll see that many of the items (eggs, milk, bananas, etc.) are things that you’re going to buy anyway. If you’re not using Ibotta, you’re leaving money on the table.

The best part? Ibotta will send the rebates straight to your Paypal account. No need to spend your earnings in-app or redeem them for things you don’t want. Nothing beats straight cash!

What is the best Ibotta promo code?

Ibotta referral code KEEFTEQ earns you $10 in account credit after you redeem your first offer. This sign-up bonus is valid for new users only.

Is Ibotta legit or a scam?

Ibotta is 100% legit, free to use, and they have paid out millions of dollars in rebates to ordinary shoppers. Once you have earned a minimum of $20 in the app (you'll be halfway there after using the code above), you can cash out. The best part? IBotta pays cash directly to your PayPal or Venmo account, or you can redeem your earnings for gift cards at dozens of retailers.

Ibotta Reddit users agree: the app is legit. Check out this thread on Reddit ("Wait is Ibotta really that good?") for more due diligence on the Ibotta app, redeeming offers, referring friends, and getting paid out.

How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta is very easy to use. There are three basic ways you can use the app: for in-store grocery purchases, online shopping, and by using in-app payments.

In-store grocery purchases

Ibotta offers cash back on thousands of products and your favorite stores, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and hundreds of others. Just verify your purchase by snapping a photo of your receipt. Here's how you do it:

1: Tap the 'find offers' button in the Ibotta app, and select a store category. Find your favorite local stores to browse their offers

2. Find the blue (+) symbol next to the products you'd like to buy. Add the products by tapping this button

3. After you'd done with your shopping trip, tap 'redeem'. The app will prompt you to scan a photo of your receipt, and may require you to scan the barcodes of some of your items. Once you're done, your cash back will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Online shopping

Start your next online shopping trip in the Ibotta app and save. You'll be able to shop all of the same items the online retailer offers on their website, and save on your entire purchase.

1. Tap the 'find offers' button, then tap 'online shopping'.

2. Select an online retailer from the list, including Amazon, Target.com, Hotels.com, and many others, then tap the 'shop' button. You'll be directed straight to the retailer's website.

3. Make sure to complete your purchase within the app. Once you're done, you'll receive a notification confirming your transaction and letting you know when to expect your account credit.

Pay with Ibotta

1. Tap 'account', 'payments', then 'payment methods'. From here, add a credit card to your ibotta app.

2. Visit a local retailer, and select the 'pay with Ibotta' button in your app. The cashier will scan your code, and you'll earn cash back instantly!

Ibotta referral code terms and conditions

Use code KEEFTEQ when you sign up. You must redeem 10 offers within the first 14 days after your registration to earn your $20 signup bonus.