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24 08, 2021

Ibotta back-to-school promo: Get $20 of free food and supplies


Ibotta is offering $20 of free food and supplies through their partners Walmart, Target, Shipt, and H-E-B. Users can claim offers for the following items at those retailers, and Ibotta's rebate will make them essentially free: Five Star Notebook Nature's Own Bread Skippy Peanut Butter Smucker's Squeeze Fruit Spread Ticonderoga #2 Pencils Pink Pearl Paper Mate [...]

Ibotta back-to-school promo: Get $20 of free food and supplies2021-08-24T00:34:30+00:00
2 08, 2021

Cometeer Referral – $25 Off First Order


Cometeer Referral Updated $25 off your first cometeer order: CLAIM YOUR REFERRAL BONUS What is Cometeer? Cometeer is flash-frozen coffee, delivered to your home in aluminum pods. Think the convenience of K-Cups with the taste of your favorite craft roastery. Cometeer brews some of America's best coffee, freezes it at -321 degrees [...]

Cometeer Referral – $25 Off First Order2021-09-23T18:41:53+00:00
1 08, 2021

New GetUpside Promo Code SHOPPERS35


It's the best time of the month for GetUpside users! The gas app just released a new code: SHOPPERS35, which is good for an additional $.35 off per gallon on your next two fill-ups. This code is intended for use by Instacart delivery personnel, and is only valid if you have not used any of the [...]

New GetUpside Promo Code SHOPPERS352021-08-01T19:40:13+00:00
1 08, 2021

GetUpside Promo Code 7WGD5


GetUpside Promo Code Updated Get $.15 more per gallon with code: COPY CODE What is the best GetUpside promo code? Updated : GetUpside promo code 7WGD5 gives you 15 cents more per gallon, for a total savings of up to 40 cents per gallon on your first fill-up. The cash back you [...]

GetUpside Promo Code 7WGD52021-08-20T00:47:25+00:00
23 07, 2021

New GetUpside promo code COMEBACK6


New code alert! The GetUpside app treated users to an additional $.06 per gallon with code COMEBACK6 in July 2021. App users can add the code by tapping the Profile icon in the GetUpside app’s menu, then editing the Promo Code field. Like other promo codes, this one can be stacked with other cash back [...]

New GetUpside promo code COMEBACK62021-07-23T03:09:08+00:00
18 06, 2021

GetUpside’s Secret $7.77 Referral Bonus


GetUpside's $7.77 bonus for referrals Have you seen it? It's the rarest of all GetUpside bonuses, but it's worth the wait. Every once in awhile, GetUpside users can refer friends and earn $7.77 per referral, deposited straight into their account after new users complete a transaction. How do I unlock the referral bonus? It's unclear how [...]

GetUpside’s Secret $7.77 Referral Bonus2021-06-18T01:02:27+00:00
16 06, 2021

How does GetUpside make money?


It seems too good to be true... As a GetUpside user, it might all seem like, well, upside. You buy gas that you were already going to buy, and GetUpside gives you 25 cents, 40 cents, or even more back per gallon. What gives? Where is the money coming from -- and how does [...]

How does GetUpside make money?2021-06-16T04:10:19+00:00
15 06, 2021

How to link your bank account to Ibotta


Ibotta made a long awaited announcement this June, finally allowing users to deposit their earnings directly into their checking accounts. For years, the company has allowed avid savers to withdraw their earnings from coupons and referrals into their Paypal accounts, or cash out in the form of gift cards. But many have been clamoring for [...]

How to link your bank account to Ibotta2021-06-15T17:42:59+00:00
3 06, 2021

New GetUpside promo code 100MIL


New code alert! To celebrate the milestone of $100 million saved by GetUpside users, the company has released promo code 100MIL, which gives app users an additional $.10 off per gallon. The great thing about 100MIL, like many other promo codes, is that it can be used by existing users and combined with other promotions [...]

New GetUpside promo code 100MIL2021-06-15T07:07:35+00:00
29 05, 2021

New GetUpside code 7CENTBONUS


Eagle-eyed savers on Reddit just discovered a new GetUpside promo code for existing users. 7CENTBONUS gives you an additional 7 cents off per gallon on your next fill-up. It looks like the bonus can be combined with other referral and promo codes, so make sure to check out our latest list to maximize your savings.

New GetUpside code 7CENTBONUS2021-06-15T07:05:24+00:00