Spoils: The best bonuses to hack your earnings

  • MoneyLion Referral Code – The Best Sign Up Bonus

    MoneyLion Referral Code – The Best Sign Up Bonus

    The best MoneyLion referral code is $SPOILS, which gives you additional free cash in your account immediately, and additional bonuses when you add direct deposit. Paste the code in the MoneyLion app to get your referral bonuns — and make sure you include the dollar sign ($) to claim the extra reward.

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  • 30% Off James Allen Promo Code – Best Available

    30% Off James Allen Promo Code – Best Available

    The best James Allen promo code is 30% off your entire order. In order to get the referral code, use this referral link to get James Allen to send you a 30% discount on your first order of $1000 or more. Keep in mind that you must input your email address to receive the coupon after clicking the link to receive the promo offer.

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  • Cash App Free Money Code [Tested & Working]

    Cash App Free Money Code [Tested & Working]

    The Cash App referral code KEEFTEQ gets you a $5 sign up bonus. Cash App offers new users free money just for signing up — but you have to claim it. Use the code on this page to claim your $5 today, and make sure you follow the steps below so you don’t leave money on the table.

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  • Tavour Referral Code – $10 Sign Up Bonus

    Tavour Referral Code – $10 Sign Up Bonus

    Tavour Referral Code Updated Get $10 off your first Tavour order with code: COPY CODE Or click to install the app and get $10. The best Tavour promo code for new users The Tavour promo code is 1149336 to save $10 off your first order. Enter this referral code in the Tavour app and you’ll get $10 in credit to use toward your first order — and I’ll get $10, too! This code gives you […]

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  • SoFi Sign Up Bonus: $250 + Extra $25 Offer [$275 Total]

    SoFi Sign Up Bonus: $250 + Extra $25 Offer [$275 Total]

    The SoFi sign up bonus is $275 for new Checking and Savings account customers. Sign up using this referral link and claim your free money! The bonus works as follows: You’ll get $25 for signing up using my referral link and depositing at least $10, and up to $250 more when you set up direct deposit and have qualifying deposits in a 25-day period. Note: You must use the link on this page to get the extra $25 bonus. Otherwise, you’ll just earn the standard $250 bonus offered by SoFi.

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  • James Allen Discounts: When does James Allen have sales?
    When does James Allen have sales? Buying a diamond ring or wedding band is an enormous purchase. If you’re buying from James Allen, even a tiny discount can add up to hundreds of dollars. That’s why it’s important to time your purchase with one of James Allen’s periodic sales — of which there are many. So what’s the best time to buy from James Allen? First off, remember that you can always get 30% off […]
  • Dangers of Ibotta
    The dangers of Ibotta: What you need to know about the wildly popular cashback app First things first: Ibotta is 100% safe and legit. Tens of thousands of users earn money every day using the app, and there’s no reason to be afraid of utilizing the app as part of your shopping routine. That being said, it’s always worth researching the dangers of an app that you give your personal information to, especially when it […]
  • How to delete your Cash App account
    Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen Select Support Select Something Else Navigate to Account Settings Select Delete Your Personal Information Tap Contact Support
  • Snoo Discount Code
    The best Snoo rental discount code is RFL3EHJK-LJFW, which gives you a free week of Snoo rental.
  • How much is Wealthfront’s 0.5% APY boost really worth?
    Calculating Wealthfront’s 0.5% APY Boost Wealthfront is known for its very generous APY on its Cash Account – currently 3.80%, which is one of the highest in the banking business. But did you know that you can earn an even higher yield? With Wealthfront’s refer-a-friend program, you can earn a 0.5% APY boost for three (3) months as a new user, and an additional 3 months for each friend you invite. So how much is […]