MaxRewards Referral Code

Tested and working – Still the best code as of April 2024

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The best MaxRewards referral code is WELCOME, which gives you additional cash back after you redeem your first offer in the app. Paste the code in the app to get your free month immediately.

MaxRewards is the app that maximizes your credit card rewards

If you have a premium credit card like the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire, or Citi Premier, you need MaxRewards. Heck, even if you’re just juggling a couple of no-fee cards, you can get a ton of utility out of the MaxRewards app.

MaxRewards tells you exactly which card to use for each transaction to maximize your points earnings. Plus, the app will even automatically activate all available offers across your cards. Ever tried scrolling through 100 Amex offers and activating each one? Now it’s automatic.

Reddit users love MaxRewards

On the /r/amex subreddit, users rave about the savings you can realize with the MaxRewards app. Consensus is that the app is legit, and is especially great if you have a lot of credit cards.

I use it a lot. Especially with stacking Amex offers on multiple cards. This app paid for itself multiple times over.

I was able to stack the GoPro offers across 5 cards. 40$ each is 200$ savings. Among other things, it’s great if you churn multiple cards. I’m usually churning 5-6 cards at any given moment.

u/s0uly on Reddit