Wealthfront Signup Bonus Updated February 2023

Wealthfront Promo Code

Sign up for a Wealthfront Cash Account and get a 0.5% APY boost once your account is funded. While there isn’t a promo code for Wealthfront, you can earn your signup bonus by clicking this referral link. This Wealthfront free money offer is still the best deal as of February 2023.

Note: Wealthfront is no longer offering the $30 sign up bonus that was previously available, but you can still claim the APY boost on this page. If you’re looking for the best bank bonuses, check out our list — or go straight for SoFi, who is offering a $275 sign up bonus.

Wealthfront Sign Up Bonus0.5% APY Boost
Minimum Deposit$500
Duration3 Months
Current APY3.80% + 0.5% = 4.30%
Sign up linkClick here to sign up

How long does the APY boost last?

The boost lasts 3 months, after which you’ll drop back down to the baseline. Read this blog post to see how much we estimate you can earn.

Why should I open a Wealthfront Cash Account?

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Wealthfront offers some of the best interest rates in the business. Currently, the APY on a Wealthfront Cash Account is 4.05%, plus the 0.5% boost! That’s unheard of in the banking business. If you’ve got your money sitting in a Wells Fargo, B of A, Chase, or other traditional checking account, you’re missing out on a lot of free money. When you combine Wealthfront’s generous APY with its nice signup bonus, you can start increasing your wealth immediately.

Where do I find my Wealthfront referral link?

To access your Wealthfront referral link, tap the Invite a Friend link at the top of your dashboard, or visit https://www.wealthfront.com/invite when logged into your account. Make sure to read the full terms thoroughly before you start sharing your link.

How many signup bonuses can I use on Wealthfront?

Just one. If you miss the opportunity to sign up for the Cash Account using a referral link, there's no going back. There's nowhere to enter a code or claim your signup bonus after the fact — so make sure you sign up using the link on this page.

What is Wealthfront's APY interest rate?

Wealthfront has one of the highest APYs in the business. As of February 2023, Wealthfront offers 4.05% in interest to Cash Account customers. That means if you keep $1000 in your Wealthfront, you'll earn $40.50 in interest per year. Contrast this with the typical interest rates offered by the big banks, which are often less than half a percentage point, and the difference is stark.

What is the Wealthfront signup bonus?

New Wealthfront Cash Account customers can get a 0.5% APY boost signup bonus when they sign up using a qualified referral link.

Do you have a Wealthfront success story or cautionary tale?

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