SoFi sign up bonus offers updated May 2024

What is the best SoFi sign up bonus?

The SoFi sign up bonus is $275 for new Checking and Savings account customers. Sign up using this referral link and claim your free money! No promo code is needed — and SoFi doesn’t do promo codes. You’ll get the bonus just by clicking the link above.

The bonus works as follows: You’ll get $25 for signing up using my referral link and depositing at least $10, and up to $250 more when you set up direct deposit and have qualifying deposits in a 25-day period. Note: You must use the link on this page to get the extra $25 SoFi referral bonus. Otherwise, you’ll just earn the standard $250 bonus offered by SoFi.

Current SoFi promotional offers

SoFi currently has a number of promotions available to new customers, including a $275 checking account sign up bonus, $300 personal and student loan bonus, $5000 SoFi Invest transfer offer, and more! See below for details on how to maximize your earnings.

Bonus AmountAccount TypeTermsSign Up Link
$275 Checking & Savings$25 free; $250 w/ dir. depositGet Bonus
$50Credit CardGet approvedGet Bonus
$100Student LoanKeep loan active for 90 daysGet Bonus
$300Personal LoanKeep loan active for 90 daysGet Bonus
$300Student Loan RefiKeep loan active for 90 daysGet Bonus
$1000Med Student RefiKeep loan active for 90 daysGet Bonus
$5000SoFi InvestMinimum transfer (See terms)Get Bonus

How do I find my SoFi referral link?

SoFi referral link

Finding your SoFi referral link is easiest in the SoFi app. On your device, tap the profile link at top left, and then select the “Invite Friends” link in the menu. You’ll be prompted to invite friends to one of SoFi’s products, including Banking, Credit Card, Invest, and Loans. Select the account type you’re interested, and then hit the “Share link” button at the bottom and copy it to your clipboard. Make sure to follow SoFi’s referral terms and conditions when sharing the link.

Visit to view some (but not all) of the referral programs you’re eligible. Note: You may not see your Sofi Checking & Savings sign up bonus link information on this page. As of now, the best way we’ve found to access your referral info is by using the SoFi app.

Here are the products you can invite friends to, as of May 2024 according to SoFi’s Referral Program page.

  • Active Investing
  • Student Loan Refinancing
  • Personal Loans
  • Private Student Loans
  • Credit Card
  • SoFi Checking and Savings

The SoFi referral hack to explode your earnings

SoFi offers its customers some very generous referral bonuses. The best way to maximize your earnings with SoFi is by referring friends to all of the financial products offered by the company, including Banking, Investment, and Loans. Right now, SoFi is offering $50 for each of your friends that opens a Checking and Savings account, which is a great start. But they also offer $100 for each Private Student Loan referral, $300 for each Personal Loan referral, and a whopping $1,000 if you invite a friend to refinance their medical student loans. Across all these programs, you’re eligible to earn up to $10,000 per year! Now that’s a glitch in the matrix — $10,000 in passive income just for sharing your referral links.

SoFi is legit

SoFi is a normal, FDIC-insured bank, so use it with confidence. Reddit users give it their seal of approval and NerdWallet rates it 4.5/5 stars.

What is SoFi’s APY?

SoFi’s APY is currently 3.75% for Savings and 2.50% for Checking (with direct deposit). If you don’t have Direct Deposit set up, the rate is 1.20% across the board. SoFi changes its APY very often to stay up with Fed rates, so stay tuned!

When you’ll receive your SoFi sign up bonus

Once you have completed the bonus requirements, SoFi should automatically deposit the reward into your account. Make sure to read the terms of each offer carefully, including the minimum amounts and timeframes, to ensure that you fulfill the requirements for the bonus. If you still haven’t received your sign up bonus, you can chat with SoFi using the message function in your account (tap Help > Chat Support) or call their customer service at (855) 456-7634..

Read more about SoFi’s sign up bonus here.