GetUpside Promo Code Updated February 2021

Get $.15 more per gallon with code:

What is the best GetUpside promo code?

Updated February 2021: GetUpside promo code 7WGD5 gives you 15 cents more per gallon, for a total savings of up to 40 cents per gallon on your first fill-up. The cash back you earn depends on the volume of your first fill-up; so if you buy 10 gallons of gas, you’ll get up to $4.00 in cash back.

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How does GetUpside work?

GetUpside connects drivers with nearby gas stations to offer discounts on each fill-up. Just find a participating fuel station in the app, tap the 'claim' button, and fill up your tank. Depending on the station, you may also have to snap a photo of your receipt. Once claimed, GetUpside with transfer cents on the dollar directly to your PayPal account. GetUpside payouts usually take just a couple of days.

GetUpside saves you money at the gas station every time you buy fuel. Users regularly save up to $100 per year without changing their gas-buying habits. The amount you'll save in given fill-up can vary, so keep an eye on the app for the best gas deals in your area.

Is GetUpside legit or a scam?

As the app's popularity grows, a lot of people have been asking: Is GetUpside Legit? It's reasonable to be skeptical, since the company's business model might not be apparent at first glance. So how do they make money?

The company is based in Washington, D.C., and states on their website that their business model relies on helping gas stations make more profit and "show[ing] merchants exact changes in incremental profit daily, without requiring any incremental work."

Users on Reddit have done some due diligence, agreeing that the app is legit. Some users note, however, that it may be possible to find better deals outside of the app in some cases.

In our experience, GetUpside always pays out within 48-72 hours of tapping the "cash out" button in the app. This short waiting period is required to verify the transaction, but they always pay via PayPal once that period has elapsed.

Where is GetUpside available?

GetUpside just released a MASSIVE new update, making the app available in thousands of markets nationwide. Originally only servicing the East Coast, Upside now has gas station partners in nearly every state. A quick search shows hundreds of stations in Los Angeles alone, a city had zero participating locations up until a few months ago. Now, you'd be hard pressed to find a single state in the U.S. without a GetUpside partner. There are currently over 12,000 participating locations.

Currently, GetUpside is available in cities and states across the country, and is rapidly expanding into new markets. With over 12,000 gas stations in the GetUpside network, there's sure to be a stop nearby that you can begin your savings.

States with GetUpside gas stations

Alabama - 127 locations
Arkansas - 98 locations
Arizona - 50 locations
California - 82 locations
Colorado - 83 locations
Connecticut - 120 locations
District of Columbia - 51 locations
Delaware - 49 locations
Florida - 1,484 locations
Georgia - 999 locations
Iowa - 161 locations
Illinois - 685 locations
Indiana - 286 locations
Kansas - 38 locations
Kentucky - 209 locations
Louisiana - 155 locations
Massachusetts - 146 locations
Maryland - 281 locations
Maine - 23 locations
Michigan - 600 locations
Minnesota - 109 locations
Missouri - 169 locations
Mississippi - 79 locations
North Carolina - 1,158 locations
Nebraska - 29 locations
New Hampshire - 48 locations
New Mexico - 46 locations
Nevada - 13 locations
New York - 295 locations
Ohio - 332 locations
Oklahoma - 122 locations
Pennsylvania - 89 locations
Rhode Island - 21 locations
South Carolina - 654 locations
South Dakota - 32 locations
Tennessee - 300 locations
Texas - 1,999 locations
Virginia - 785 locations
Vermont - 27 locations
Washington - 25 locations
West Virginia - 45 locations

How do promo codes work on GetUpside?

Click here to download the GetUpside app and enter 7WGD5 at signup to start saving. This code will automatically add a discount of $0.15 per gallon to your first transaction. This referral code is only valid for new users on their first fill-up. Keep in mind that there's a 50-gallon limit for each receipt submitted, so to maximize your savings you should wait until you can get as much gas in one transaction as possible.

How to refer friends

One of the best ways to make additional money with the GetUpside app is by referring your friends. For each person you refer, you’ll earn one cent per gallon of gas that they purchase in the future. PLUS, you’ll earn an additional half-cent for each person referred by your referrals. Let’s do some quick math: Say you refer 10 friends, and they each refer 10 friends. That’s ten “direct” referrals and 100 “indirect” referrals. Let’s assume that each of these 110 people purchases just 10 gallons of gas per week. You’d earn $1 from your direct referrals (10 people * 10 gallons * $.01) and $5 from your indirect referrals (100 people * 10 gallons * $.005).

Now, $6 per week may not seem like a lot. But that’s $312 per year in passive income—money that requires you to do nothing at all but watch the cash roll in. And that doesn’t even include the hundreds you’ll be saving on your own gas by using the app.

How much have you saved?

Do you have an experience with the service that you’d like to share, or a coupon code for GetUpside? Leave a comment below and let everyone know how much you’ve saved with the GetUpside app.