Popular gas discount app GetUpside is beginning to lift its 3-cents-per-gallon cap on discounts as gas shortages fade in the U.S. Southeast, reports Bloomberg. GetUpside’s president of fuel and c-store Meredith Sadlowski said that signs were positive that the crisis is abating.

“We’re still seeing significant impacts in the Carolinas and Georgia, and also seeing some tension in Tennessee,” Sadlowski said during an interview. But in most other areas, purchasing patterns are “starting to normalize.”

GetUpside had limited its discounts to three cents per gallon on fill-ups since the beginning of the crisis in an effort to help retailers conserve their fuel supplies. In a statement on its website, GetUpside explained that while the wholesale price of gas changes daily, gas stations are often hesitant to change their sign price, which results in less profits when gas prices go up.

Regardless of its current offers, GetUpside still always gives users a discount on a gas station’s sign price. But it’s still important to shop around — there’s no guarantee that discounted fuel at your local Shell will be cheaper than full-priced fuel at the Chevron across the street.