Dangers of Ibotta

The dangers of Ibotta: What you need to know about the wildly popular cashback app First things first: Ibotta is 100% safe and legit. Tens of thousands of users earn money every day using the app, and there's no reason to be afraid of utilizing the app as part of your shopping routine. That being said, it's always worth researching the dangers of an app that you give your personal information to, especially when it [...]

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Ibotta back-to-school promo: Get $20 of free food and supplies

Ibotta is offering $20 of free food and supplies through their partners Walmart, Target, Shipt, and H-E-B. Users can claim offers for the following items at those retailers, and Ibotta's rebate will make them essentially free: Five Star Notebook Nature's Own Bread Skippy Peanut Butter Smucker's Squeeze Fruit Spread Ticonderoga #2 Pencils Pink Pearl Paper Mate Eraser Fruit Cup The offer expires September 1, 2021 at 9:59 A.M. For the offer to work, you need the Ibotta [...]

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How to link your bank account to Ibotta

Ibotta made a long awaited announcement this June, finally allowing users to deposit their earnings directly into their checking accounts. For years, the company has allowed avid savers to withdraw their earnings from coupons and referrals into their Paypal accounts, or cash out in the form of gift cards. But many have been clamoring for the direct deposit option for quite some time, and Ibotta has delivered at long last. To link your bank account, [...]

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Ibotta August 2020 Referral Bonus Revealed

Ibotta's August 2020 referral bonus is now available in the Ibotta app, and users can start working on their bonuses immediately. The bonus is as follows: Extra Credit Cash Bonus Earn a $7 referral bonus by referring one friend between 8/1/20 and 8/31/20, and earn an additional $10 when you refer a second friend during the same period. New referred users must redeem a qualifying offer. If you refer two new users to Ibotta in [...]

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