Referral Code Updated June 2024

Get $25 usd in free cro crypto:

What is the referral code?

Updated June 2024: referral code z7vksdutsg gives you $25 USD worth of free CRO when you sign up and stake for a Ruby card or above. This means that when you open a new account with the code z7vksdutsg and stake at least $400 worth of CRO, you’ll get $25 for free.

What is

Matt Damon cryptoYou may know as the Matt Damon crypto company, due to the actor’s high-profile advertisement endorsing the product — or maybe you know it for the LA Lakers’ basketball arena, formerly known as the Staples Center. But the company is far more than just a meme., formerly known as Monaco,  is a cryptocurrency exchange boasting more than 10 million worldwide users. The app allows users to buy a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with over 20 fiat currencies. Available crypto tickers include BTC, ETH, SOL, and many more.

How do I get my $25 CRO from the referral code?

Earning your referral bonus with is a little more complicated than some referral programs. In order to unlock your $25 CRO referral bonus, you must first reserve a Metal Visa Card by staking at least $400 worth of CRO with your account. You need to then hold the CRO for at least 180 days.

Once you’ve done this, you will be able to use your $25 CRO, withdraw it, or trade it.

Did you get your referral bonus?

Share your experience! Let us know in the comments if you received your referral bonus.