Walmart Plus Referral Bonus Updated July 2024

$20 off when you sign up for Walmart plus:

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Walmart Plus Promo Code

Sign up for Walmart+ and get $20 off a future order. While there is no promo code for Walmart Plus, clicking this referral link will give you a $20 discount on a future order after you become a paid Walmart+ member.

Can I combine this $20 discount with my Amex Platinum Walmart+ offer?

Yes! This is the best part. Since the Amex Platinum Walmart+ membership acts as a statement credit, you’re still a paid member in Walmart’s eyes. That means that you’re eligible for the $20 referral bonus, even though you’re not paying anything out of pocket for your membership. It’s free money! Just make sure you click the link above when you sign up for W+, and use your Amex as your payment method.

Where do I find my Walmart+ referral link?

To find your Walmart+ referral link, visit You must be logged in to view your link. Just copy the code and start sharing — but make sure you stay within their referral program terms and conditions. This means, most notably, you can’t refer yourself and you must not spam your code. Make sure to read the full terms thoroughly before you start sharing.