JSX Referral Code Updated June 2024

Get $20 flight credit with JSX code:

What is the JSX referral code?

JSX promo code 01KHUO gives you a $20 flight credit off your first flight. Just enter the code when creating your account on JSX.com, and you’ll be credited with the $20 voucher immediately. This promo code for JetSuiteX is only valid for new users.

How do I refer friends to JetSuiteX?

To find your JSX referral code, log in to JSX.com and tap the ‘My Account’ button at top-right. You’ll see a link with the current referral offer (it’s a $20 travel credit as of June 2024. Tap the ‘Invite Friends’ button.

JSX Invite Friends screenshot

You may enter your friends’ email addresses or phone numbers to have the system send invitations on your behalf, or you can simply copy/paste the code at the top of the page and send it to your friends.

Once your friend signs up, you’ll get a $20 travel credit in the form of a voucher. Make sure to use this voucher by entering the code next time you book a flight with JSX.