Get the most out of the American Express Platinum Walmart+ benefit

One of the most underrated perks of the American Express Platinum card is the Walmart Plus benefit. Anyone with an Amex Platinum can get the cost of their monthly Walmart+ membership ($12.95/mo.) fully refunded as a statement credit.

It gets even better. Did you know that you can save even more by signing up for Walmart Plus by using a referral link? It’s true: New Walmart+ members get a free $20 credit that stacks with the Amex benefit, but only if they use a qualified referral link.

$20 off when you sign up for Walmart plus:

Or click to sign up now.

How to use the Amex Walmart+ benefit

To qualify for the Walmart Plus benefit, you need an American Express Platinum Card. If you don’t have this card yet, click here to see what the current Amex Platinum signup offer is an sign up.

You do not need to activate or enroll on the Amex website in order to be eligible for the benefit. Unlike Amex Offers, this is a benefit that’s automatically applied when you pay for Walmart+ with your Platinum card.

To sign up for Walmart+, click this link and make sure to use your Amex Platinum as the payment method for your monthly membership fee. Within a few days of the first fee posting, you’ll get a statement credit from Amex — the $12.95 will be fully refunded, making the membership free.

The Walmart+ referral bonus stacks with the Amex benefit

The Amex benefit is just a statement credit. You don’t need to — and should not — sign up for Walmart Plus using the link on Amex’s website. Instead, use a qualified referral link and claim a $20 referral bonus on top of your free membership. It’s like being paid to sign up!

American Express didn’t issue a statement credit for my Walmart+ membership. Why?

A word of warning: We do not recommend signing up for Walmart+ at the beginning or end of the month. Here’s why: Walmart can be inconsistent with the date the charge is actually posted to your account. If you sign up on July 1st, they might charge you on July 1st (for July membership) and then again on July 31st (for August). American Express will see these two charges and only issue a credit for one. You can chat with Amex support and get the credit applied, but it’s very annoying to have to do this every month. For this reason, we recommend signing up for Walmart+ in the middle of the month to minimize the hassle.

The secret Amex Paramount Plus benefit

There’s a secret Amex Platinum benefit that American Express won’t tell you about: Free Paramount Plus. This is a stealth benefit that Amex provides via the Walmart+ benefit. Once you’ve signed up for Walmart+, you can get Paramount Plus (the ad-supported version) for free! To do so, go to your Walmart Plus account page and click the Paramount Plus signup link.