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Tavour Referral Code – $10 Sign Up Bonus

Tavour Referral Code Updated Get $10 off your first Tavour order with code: COPY CODE Or click to install the app and get $10. The best Tavour promo code for new users The Tavour promo code is 1149336 to save $10 off your first order. Enter this referral code in the Tavour app and you'll get $10 in credit to use toward your first order — and I'll get $10, too! This code [...]

Tavour Referral Code – $10 Sign Up Bonus2023-04-17T20:27:23+00:00

Fetch Rewards Referral Code

When you sign up for Fetch, you’ll get a chance to enter a Fetch referral code. The best Fetch Rewards referral code is 6181AC to earn 3,300 bonus points. Make sure to enter this code when you sign up to avoid missing out on this free bonus.

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How much is Wealthfront’s 0.5% APY boost really worth?

Calculating Wealthfront's 0.5% APY Boost Wealthfront is known for its very generous APY on its Cash Account - currently 3.80%, which is one of the highest in the banking business. But did you know that you can earn an even higher yield? With Wealthfront's refer-a-friend program, you can earn a 0.5% APY boost for three (3) months as a new user, and an additional 3 months for each friend you invite. So how much is [...]

How much is Wealthfront’s 0.5% APY boost really worth?2023-01-18T04:19:12+00:00

SoFi Sign Up Bonus: $250 + Extra $25 Offer [$275 Total]

The SoFi sign up bonus is $275 for new Checking and Savings account customers. Sign up using this referral link and claim your free money! The bonus works as follows: You’ll get $25 for signing up using my referral link and depositing at least $10, and up to $250 more when you set up direct deposit and have qualifying deposits in a 25-day period. Note: You must use the link on this page to get the extra $25 bonus. Otherwise, you’ll just earn the standard $250 bonus offered by SoFi.

SoFi Sign Up Bonus: $250 + Extra $25 Offer [$275 Total]2023-05-31T22:50:57+00:00

James Allen vs. Blue Nile – Which one is right for you?

James Allen or Blue Nile? There are many great options in the online diamond retail space. Two of the most popular options are James Allen and Blue Nile, both darlings of communities like Reddit (by the way, r/diamonds is a tremendous resource). Both companies offer a wide range of diamonds at competitive prices, but there are some key differences between the two that are worth considering before making a purchase. Diamond-selection interface One of the [...]

James Allen vs. Blue Nile – Which one is right for you?2023-01-12T08:25:15+00:00

Cash App vs. Venmo pros and cons – comparing the top two money apps

Cash App vs. Venmo You’ve heard of Cash App and Venmo, the two wildly popular payment apps that folks are using to send and receive money. Both apps have their own unique set of features and benefits — but which one is right for you? Here's a comparison of the pros and cons of both, so you can decide: What's better? Cash App or Venmo? Pros of Cash App: Cash App is owned by Block, [...]

Cash App vs. Venmo pros and cons – comparing the top two money apps2023-01-13T06:54:31+00:00

Wealthfront APY – What you can earn with a Cash Account

Wealthfront's current APY: 3.80% With boost: 4.30% What is Wealthfront's APY? Wealthfront's APY is 3.80%, one of the best in the market as of , and more than 10x the national average. New customers can get a 0.5% APY boost, bringing the total APY to 4.30% (for a duration of 3 months)! Click this link to claim your APY boost. Does Wealthfront charge account fees? Wealthfront does not charge account fees. You can open [...]

Wealthfront APY – What you can earn with a Cash Account2023-01-20T07:05:40+00:00