How to get the $30 referral bonus on Cash App

Many people know about the $5 that Cash App offers users when they refer a friend to the app. But did you know that Cash App sometimes offers a $15 — or even a $30 referral bonus for inviting friends?

The problem is this: The $15 and $30 bonuses appear to be completely random, and are offered at the discretion of Cash App (or more likely, their algorithm). So how do you find out if you’ve got a $30 bonus?

The official Cash App answer

The official Cash App account on Reddit (u/CashAppAndi) has said the following:

Hey there. Bonuses are variable and constantly changing. There isn’t a way to manually increase your bonus.

Given this, there’s not much you can do but keep referring and hope you get the $30 bonus! Make sure to follow the steps below to maximize your savings.

This is not a Cash App hack

Some people on social media and YouTube claim that there is a Cash App glitch or hack that allows you to get $1000 per referral. This is a scam; there’s no way to exploit Cash App and get more free money (other than what’s intended by the platform). We don’t recommend trying to hack the Cash App referral program. You’ll just get yourself banned.

Your referral code might change

Cash App Referral Code

You can find your Cash App referral code by tapping Profile > Invite Friends > Share > Messages

It’s important to make sure that your referral code is what you think it is — it can change! Often if your bonus changes from $5 to $30, your code changes too. To check your referral code, go to your account using the Profile button at the top of the screen. Tap the green button that says Invite Friends, and you’ll see a list of your contacts that can be referred to Cash App. Hit the ‘share’ button at the top right to see your code and bonus.

Did your Cash App referral bonus change?

Did you get the $30 bonus? Lucky you! Hurry up and start referring. The $30 invitation bonus doesn’t usually last long, so make it count. Next time you check it may be back to $5. Let us know in the comments if you’ve snagged the elusive $30 credit, and how long the offer lasted.