How do I refer friends to Cash App?

Most people know that you can earn free money from Cash App by referring friends and family to use the app. To do so, you need to send them your unique link or personal referral code when they sign up.

Where to find your Cash App referral code

Cash App Referral Code

You can find your Cash App referral code by tapping Profile > Invite Friends > Share > Messages

To find your code, tap the account button (👤) at the top right of the cash app home screen. Underneath your profile picture (if you have one) and your username and cash tag, you should see a green button that says Invite Friends. Tap that button, and you’ll see a list of your contacts — Cash app wants you to send them a message to refer them.

Instead of sending your friends a text message, you can find your referral code by tapping the “share” icon share , then tapping the Messages app. The app will populate an SMS message for you that shows your referral code and link. Copy this code and start referring!

Did your Cash App referral code change?

For unknown reasons, Cash App sometimes changes your referral code. Make sure to periodically check this page again to make sure you’re sharing the right code!