GetUpside’s $7.77 bonus for referrals

Have you seen it? It’s the rarest of all GetUpside bonuses, but it’s worth the wait. Every once in awhile, GetUpside users can refer friends and earn $7.77 per referral, deposited straight into their account after new users complete a transaction.

How do I unlock the referral bonus?

It’s unclear how GetUpside chooses which accounts get the bonus. We at received the following email from the GetUpside marketing team without any warning:

Subject: You’re in luck! Your referral bonus was UPGRADED to $7.77

It’s your lucky day! Your referral bonus just got boosted to lucky number $7.77.

For the next three weeks, every time you share GetUpside with a new friend and they make their first purchase, you’ll get a $7.77 bonus!

How it works:

  • To qualify for this bonus, you must share your unique GetUpside code with new users by [redacted].
  • The bonus will only be added to your account when new Upsiders use your code and complete a transaction within the next three weeks.
  • The $7.77 bonus will be added directly to your GetUpside account.

Suffice it to say, this is a huge upgrade over the typical $.15 per gallon bonus for referrals. Even if you use the maximum 50 gallons (who has a tank that big?), you’ll still only earn $7.50 with the standard bonus.

Did you unlock the lucky $7.77?

Let us know in the comments. Help us figure out where this bonus comes from!