Is GetUpside legit?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: GetUpside is 100% legit. The cash back app is a reputable company, operating under the name Upside Services Inc., located in Washington, D.C.

But that hasn’t stopped the Internet from asking the question: Is GetUpside legit, or is it a scam?

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Is GetUpside Legit?

Google users want to know: Is GetUpside legit?


GetUpside is legit. From Google to Reddit to Quora, the internet agrees.

Across the board, users report receiving their money in a timely manner. The app works as promised: You check in at a gas station or restaurant, you pay your bill with a payment method that’s saved in the app, and you receive credit in your account within 1-2 days. You can then withdraw your earnings to PayPal, your checking account, or a gift card. You can earn even more money by referring friends to use the app. Each referral you get will earn you an additional discount on your next fill-up, plus extra cash for every gallon of gas purchased by the person you referred. Think of it as a tiny finders fee that can really add up.

While GetUpside is totally legit, there are a few pitfalls and cautionary tales that you should be aware of so that you can be sure you receive your earnings.

Claiming offers

Don’t forget to claim your offer at the gas station. This is one of the most common missteps that results in claims of “GetUpside didn’t pay me.” After claiming the offer, you’ll be presented with one of two options: Check In or Upload Receipt.

If you select the ‘Check In’ option, you must use a credit card you have on file with GetUpside to fill your tank. GetUpside will reconcile the gas station’s receipts at the end of the night, so your card number must match. Once that process is complete, you’ll be credited for the amount you earned.

If you select the ‘Upload Receipt’ option, you will be prompted to take a picture of your receipt with your phone’s camera. Make sure the total, number of gallons, and date and time are visible on the receipt.

Once you’ve claimed the offer, fill your tank.

How to claim a GetUpside offer

You must always tap the ‘Claim’ button to earn cash back. Some stations require that you also upload a receipt.

Using the right credit card

If you select the ‘Check In’ option when claiming your offer, make sure to use the right credit card! GetUpside will not pay you unless you tell them which card you use. Be careful! If you check in with your Visa ending in 9999 but pay with your Mastercard ending in 8888, you will not get paid.

Saving receipts

It’s always a good idea to save your receipt, even if you do not use the ‘Upload receipt’ option. There’s always a possibility that GetUpside can’t verify your transaction, so keep a paper trail. You can always contact GetUpside support if something goes wrong.

Missing proof of purchase

Sometimes, very rarely, things just don’t go your way. After claiming an offer, checking in, using the right credit card, and pumping your gas, you may still get the dreaded “GetUpside was unable to verify your transaction” method. But that’s OK! It seems that this rare error may often originate with the gas station and result in GetUpside being unable to confirm that you actually made a purchase. If this is the case, any promo codes or additional discounts will not be deducted — you’ll still be able to use the additional savings on your next fill-up.

Multiple accounts

Never, under any circumstances, should you create multiple GetUpside accounts or share your account with friends or family members. Don’t do it! This is an easy way to get your earnings seized and your account banned. User Jessica reports:

Don’t try having multiple accounts as to take advantage of new sign up promos. They will find out one day and when your waiting on that Big payout you were saving till you really needed it they won’t give it to you.

They can tell if you use the same mobile device to log in. My mom, my boyfriend & I pooled together and used the same account whenever one of us wanted gas they let me know and I activated the sale.

They use to have their own accounts but since there was only 1 car we pooled together. We were waiting on a $50 payout and never received it. They said what we did wasn’t allowed.

Jessica learned the hard way: do not break GetUpside’s terms and conditions. It’s a simple set of rules, but make sure you familiarize yourself and don’t fall into the same trap! Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Maximize your savings. Get 50 gallons!

The best way to save more with GetUpside is to get more gas. With most gas stations, GetUpside allows you to claim a discount on up to 50 gallons per fill-up. If you have a huge cash-back offer, don’t waste it on half a tank!

Let’s do some quick math. Say you’ve referred four friends to use GetUpside, each earning you $.15 per gallon on your next fill-up. You find a Shell station offering $.20 back per gallon, and you’ve even got an additional promo code that gives you $.06 back per gallon. That’s $.86 per gallon! Now if you top up your Prius with five gallons, you’ll earn $4.30. That’s decent. But if you put 50 gallons in your Winnebago, that’s $43.00! Which would you prefer?

Get out there and start earning

GetUpside is legit. Thousands of users have saved millions (really) of dollars. Just make sure you follow these simple tips (and stay within the rules!) and you’ll get your cash in no time.

Do you have a GetUpside cautionary tale or scam report? Let us know in the comments below.