GetUpside’s new Terms and Conditions limit how you can use their referral program

In November 2021, GetUpside modified its terms and conditions to limit how users can employ the referral program to earn bonuses. Most notably, the cash back company clarified that GetUpside users can no longer use internet blogs, reddit, ads, gas stations, or any other public venue to distribute their referral code:

The Referral Program is only intended for referrals to friends and personal acquaintances. You are prohibited from (i) sharing your personal referral code on a website or blog, except as specified herein; (ii) purchasing advertisements featuring or promoting your personal referral code; (iii) posting your personal referral code at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, or other participating establishments; and (iv) otherwise disseminating or publishing your personal referral code for widespread public use. You may share your personal referral code through your own personal account(s) on social media, provided that you have fewer than 2500 followers.

Reddit users have long promoted their personal referral codes online in hopes of earning a quick buck. This is now prohibited.

Can I share my GetUpside referral code online?

The answer is no, with some exceptions. While you are permitted to share your code on social media if you have less than 2,500 followers, you may not share your GetUpside referral code anywhere else public. A good rule of thumb is this: If you do not know the person you are referring, you cannot share your code with them and you are breaking GetUpside’s terms and conditions.

How do I refer friends?

You can still spread the joy of GetUpside by telling your friends and family about the app. To find your referral code, tap Menu then Invite Friends. Just make sure you don’t post your code online.