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The Get Upside App The GetUpside app, published by Upside Services, Inc., is a cashback app that partners with thousands of businesses to offer discounts on gas, groceries, food, and more. GetUpside users have earned more than 100 million dollars in cash back to date, with thousands paid out every day. Download the App and Claim Bonus Use code SPOILS20 to save 20¢ more per gallon Download the Upside App Start saving today with the [...]

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GetUpside is now Upside – Popular gas app rebrands

GetUpside is no more. The wildly popular gas app has rebranded, and is now known as Upside. In a blog post on the Upside website, the company announced the name change alongside a bombshell announcement that they had raised $165 million in Series D funding, bringing the company's valuation to $1.5 billion. With the rebrand, Upside launched a new logo that will be familiar to its users. The new Upside logo keeps the classic green-and-blue [...]

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GetUpside changes terms, limits referral program

GetUpside's new Terms and Conditions limit how you can use their referral program In November 2021, GetUpside modified its terms and conditions to limit how users can employ the referral program to earn bonuses. Most notably, the cash back company clarified that GetUpside users can no longer use internet blogs, reddit, ads, gas stations, or any other public venue to distribute their referral code: The Referral Program is only intended for referrals to friends and [...]

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Is GetUpside legit? – GetUpside Cautionary Tales

Is GetUpside legit? Let's get one thing out of the way: GetUpside is 100% legit. The cash back app is a reputable company, operating under the name Upside Services Inc., located in Washington, D.C. But that hasn't stopped the Internet from asking the question: Is GetUpside legit, or is it a scam? Get $.20 more per gallon with code: COPY CODE & OPEN APP Google users want to know: Is GetUpside legit? Yes. [...]

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GetUpside Restaurants – Cash back app launches restaurant discounts

GetUpside launches restaurant discounts Cash back app GetUpside, known for offering huge discounts on gas station fill-ups (and recently, cash back at grocery stores), has expanded into restaurants. In an announcement on Friday, October 29th, GetUpside said that diners can now save up to 45% on their entire meal at select restaurants. The discount applies to the entire bill -- all food and drinks -- except tax and tip. And, incredibly, it works for takeout [...]

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GetUpside $100 Cash Back Giveaway

GetUpside is giving away five $100 cash prizes to app users via an Instagram giveaway. From October 18 - October 22, 2021, the gas savings company will give a $100 prize to a different user each day. How to enter: Follow @GetUpside on Instagram Like this post Tag your favorite local business in the comments (1 bonus entry if you tag your friends who love this business too) GetUpside will DM a winner at the end of each [...]

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GetUpside’s Secret $7.77 Referral Bonus

GetUpside's $7.77 bonus for referrals Have you seen it? It's the rarest of all GetUpside bonuses, but it's worth the wait. Every once in awhile, GetUpside users can refer friends and earn $7.77 per referral, deposited straight into their account after new users complete a transaction. How do I unlock the referral bonus? It's unclear how GetUpside chooses which accounts get the bonus. We at received the following email from the GetUpside marketing team without [...]

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Whoa! The number of GetUpside stations in the San Francisco Bay Area just went through the roof!

GetUpside adds dozens of supported gas stations in the Bay Area For GetUpside users in San Francisco and its surrounding areas, the app has long been a wasteland with gas stations few and far between. But avid savers opened the app today to find scores of new supported fuel stations from Berkeley to Oakland, San Francisco to Marin and beyond. A quick glance shows at least 20 stations in just San Francisco alone. [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" [...]

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GetUpside lifts 3-cent cap on gas cash-back offers

Popular gas discount app GetUpside is beginning to lift its 3-cents-per-gallon cap on discounts as gas shortages fade in the U.S. Southeast, reports Bloomberg. GetUpside's president of fuel and c-store Meredith Sadlowski said that signs were positive that the crisis is abating. “We’re still seeing significant impacts in the Carolinas and Georgia, and also seeing some tension in Tennessee,” Sadlowski said during an interview. But in most other areas, purchasing patterns are “starting to normalize.” GetUpside [...]

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GetUpside expands into 40 US States and Canada

Get $.20/gal or more with code: COPY CODE & OPEN APP The wildly popular gas discount app GetUpside has quietly expanded into 40 U.S. states, as well as Washington, DC and Canada. Long limited to select markets on the East Coast, GetUpside is now partnered with gas stations in all corners of North America. As of this writing, the company lists 12,104 participating stations on its website. Texas leads the pack with 1,999 gas stations [...]

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